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The Digital Dermatology Revolution:

Symposia-Based Learning: An enhanced medical education platform providing dermatologists with a personalized, adaptive learning journey and enriching networking opportunities.
Inquiry-Based Learning: A sophisticated medical science assistant specializing in skin health, offering evidence-backed responses for in-office consultations and patient interactions, supported by explainable outcomes.
Insights-Based Analytics: A cutting-edge analytics tool designed for intuitive data visualization and interpretation. Drawing from scientific studies, user interactions, and symposium data, it aids in pioneering medical innovations and refining patient care.

Symposia-based Learning​

An enhanced medical education platform, tailoring adaptive learning and fostering rich networking opportunities specifically for dermatologists.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Global Dermatology?

      Global Dermatology is your digital hub for the art and science of skin health! We have developed an intelligent application to provide comprehensive information about dermatology by searching through scientific publications, symposia and case studies. It offers a wealth of knowledge and resources related to skin health and dermatological conditions.

    • How can Global Dermatology help me?

      As dermatologists, you seek practical knowledge for accurate diagnoses, effective therapies and proficiency in patient management. Our Augmented Science webapp provides you these answers while facing patients in your office. You can engage with evidence-based resources, explore clinical cases, and deepen our decision-making skills, right at the point of care.

    • How do I use Global Dermatology?

      Using Global Dermatology is easy. Simply type in your dermatology-related question or topic in the search bar, and the app will provide you with relevant information from scientific papers, references, and books. You can explore articles, research findings, and expert insights to gain a better understanding of your query.

    • Is the information in Global Dermatology reliable?

      Yes, the information in Global Dermatology is sourced from reputable scientific publications, presentations and case studies. The webapp uses advanced natural language processing and artificial intelligence to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

    • Can I contribute to Global Dermatology?

      Global Dermatology primarily relies on peer-reviewed scientific literature and resources. However, if you have valuable insights or research findings related to dermatology, you can contact us to explore potential contributions and collaborations.

    • Is Global Dermatology accessible to everyone?

      It is intended for medical practitioners only. So, every skin health professional is welcome! Whether you're a seasoned dermatologist, a budding med student, or simply someone curious about the art and science of skin, you can benefit from our webapp.

    • Why is it advantageous to register?

      Your data, your AI experience! Registering allows us to tailor our AI tools and content recommendations specifically to your interests and needs in the field of dermatology. It's all about delivering a personalized and enriching experience!

    • Is my personal information safe with Global Dermatology?

      Yes, we take your privacy and data security very seriously. Global Dermatology follows strict privacy policies and does not collect or share personal information without your consent. Your privacy is our priority.

    • Is Global Dermatology free to use?

      Yes, Global Dermatology is available for free to users. We believe in providing open access to dermatology knowledge to benefit the global community.